HMS MAXTON - Snapshots -1970 - 1972
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Alongside in Brunei - preparing for visit by the richest man in the world - The Sultan of Brunei.
Highres - 500kb

Commander Glennie's steward Chang - playing the part of
Commanding Officer HMS MAXTON during a boarding exercise
Highres - 423kb

PR flyer - mid 1970. Highres 253kb.

Hong Kong December 1970. Highres 378kb

Hong Kong December 1970 Highres 378kb

Jock Glennie with dignitaries?
Can't remember if this was in Hong Kong or during our visit to
Japan - got anyone in the TCA who can read Chinese/Japanese?
Have emailed Jock and he can't remember either! Highres 309kb

The bloke shaking hands with the bosun's mate is believed to be a Mr Tang
a multi-millionnaire Hong Kong shipping magnate. During celebrations for the
changeover from the Blackfoot funnel badge to the Dragon badge mid '70.
Highres 267kb

He's still hasn't gone! ! I think Jock's given up trying to see him off the ship.
Note the handsome guy on the right of picture !!!!!
Highres 246kb

Singapore - Blackfoot Squadron. Highres 413kb

Singapore - Blackfoot Squadron. Highres 515kb

Picture of HMS SHERATON broaching in Taiwan Straits during return passage
from visit to Japan. Taken from bridge of MAXTON. She is seen here recovering
from a very severe roll. At one stage we were looking straight down her funnel!
Highres 484kb