Head Rabbit seems to have taken a "Gap Year" about here!

February. "Mister Smoothy" off to the disco! HERE


December. New picture of Evie on her page HERE.

October. Oscar scores both goals in his football match, winning 2-1, and is awarded the Infant "Man of the Match" trophy. Picture HERE. He went on to win it again the next for the two weeks. Oscar " Becks"?

September. Eileen wins first prize of a "Dambusters" hardback book and £50 in a competition, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the WW2 Dambusters bombing raid, for her essay on Barnes Wallace,

July. See Oscar's sonic-hedgehog haircut HERE.

May. Oscar had a little party at Fantasy World with some school friends. Picture album HERE.

April. Oscar shows off his new motorbike HERE.

April. Do you want to see the most famous Teddy in Wiltshire? See "In The News" HERE.

January. Oscar Schumacher checks out the new Formula 1 season's car HERE.


December. Carol service at St Nicholas' Church, Newbury, followed by presentation of gifts to Christ's Hospital scholars by the Mayor. Picture HERE

December. presented their Nativity Play. Some pictures HERE
Oscar has his first day at his next school ...in his new uniform HERE
November. See Oscar's School Photgraph HERE

October. See West Sussex County Times' feature on "Christ's Hospital 450 Years" HERE

September. Patrick & Jamie are in the Aldbourne Carnival. Pictures HERE

August. The Newbury Bunnies and Grandma & Grandad go off to Ireland for two weeks on their Summer hols. Pictures HERE.

May. We went to Horsham to get Eileen, then went for a ride on a steam train on the Bluebell railway. Later we went to the "Smith and Wesson" for a birthday meal complete with a scrumptious "belly buster" desert! ... ...pictures HERE.

March. Patrick and Jamie go to London to see "Ready Steady Cook" being filmed. They will be screened on 27th May and the 9th July (usually at 4.30pm on BBC2), so watch out for them!
(Post diary note: It wasn't screened until early August!)

January. Eileen becomes a teenager! To celebrate, Mum Dad Evie Oscar Grandma Grandad and Eileens friend Catherine all went down to Horsham to take her out for the day. Eileen had her passport photos taken, which gave her dark mysterious eyes! Grandad also had his passport photos taken - his gave him very pretty blue hair! Later we went a brilliant restaurant (cowboy style) called the "Smith and Wesson" where Eileen had a special birthday sweet (otherwise known as a "Belly-buster") which was shared by all (see Oscar's above!).



Dec. Christmas play...... Pictures HERE.

Sept. Eileen goes to London for the annual St Matthew's Day event. This is when the whole of Christ's Hospital march through the streets of the City of London, with their band playing, to a special service in St Paul's Cathedral, followed by lunch with the Lord Mayor in the Mansion House. Pictures HERE.

July. Evie's last day at St. Joseph's School. She had a nice gift from her teachers and had her shirt signed by everyone HERE ! Also, see her cycling proficiency certificate HERE. (for history repeating itself, scroll down to July 11th 2000). Well done, Evelyn!

July. Patrick and Jamie get more certificates HERE. Patrick also receives an award for his Religious Instruction achievements HERE.

July. ... Oscar's pre-school fete....pictures HERE

July. Term ends at Christ's Hospital and Eileen is home for the hols.

June. Fete at the Watermill Theatre, Bagnor. ...Pictures HERE.

May. Patrick's birthday pictures HERE.

May. Evie wins awards in the Gymkanah. Pictures HERE.

May. Patrick and Jamie at Braeside Education & Conference Centre again (see April 28th below). More certificates HERE.

May. Grandma, Grandad and Eileens's close friend Catherine visit Christ's Hospital for the day. Pictures HERE.

May. We went to Fantasy World for a birthday fun afternoon and tea. As well as the parents of the children, Nannie and David, Grandma and Grandad and Great Auntie Leish were also there. Pictures HERE.

April. Patrick and Jamie attend the Braeside Education & Conference Centre in Devizes for the "Gifted and Talented Pupil Course". Brilliant! See their certificates HERE.

April. Patrick is made prefect for another term at St Michael's, Aldbourne. Quite an achievement eh?

April. We all had a great outing to the Corn Exchange for Evie's birthday tea and to see 102 Dalmations. Cool - everyone enjoyed it. Couple of pictures HERE.


February. Patrick is made a Prefect. Cool eh? Well done!
Note: Patrick made this Taz himself - that's really clever.

(click on Taz or the Koala bear for a closer look)


January 2001. Eileen telephones Dad to report that when she went to Euphonium practice today it was discovered that Oscar had managed to jam the mute from Dad's trumpet down the bell making it unplayable
and which was proving impossible to remove without specialist help!
The instrument was subsequently sent away for repair!
Brothers !!! Eek!!!


November. Patrick and Jamie go to stay with Grandma and Grandad whilst their Mum and Dad swan off to Hong Kong looking for lampshades.
Picture gallery HERE..

November. Patrick and Jamie pass their Bronze swimming proficiency tests. Well done!

October. Evelyn goes off to Kingswood for the week. (See October 16th of last year.) Pictures HERE. Read her account HERE.

September. Great excitement. Eileen's first "home weekend" from Christ's Hospital.

September 18th. Evelyn is made House Captain. Brilliant again !

September. Eileen becomes a "Bluecoat" and starts at Christ's Hospital School. She will be a boarder (as all the children at the school are), so this will be the start of a totally new experience - an exciting and happy one, I hope! See the latest pictures on the "what's new" page. After that, surf to some interesting websites describing the school and the history of the bluecoats on the "best links" page.

August. Evie is in the Gymkhana at Curridge and Oscar gets to drive a tractor - well, sort of !
Pictures HERE. Patrick and Jamie go to Portsmouth and visit HMS Victory and the Mary Rose. See their accounts HERE.

July. Eileen passed her Cycling Proficiency 10/10

June. Jamie passed his Cycling Proficiency - Congratulations, Jamie. Evelyn and Eileen passed their Grade 2 Music Examinations.

June. Ladies Day at Ascot. Eileen wrote: "We all went to Ladies Day at Ascot on a very wintery day. It was very funny though seeing all those posh expensive hats go zooming off in the wind straight for the nearest muddy puddle. We finally got out of the car and ate some lunch which consisted of spicy tomato pasta, barbeque style chicken legs, cold chicken tikka, garlic bread, salad, champagne and lots of other nice things I can't remember. Then, after lunch we set off towards the racecourse. We betted on 5 races and came first once and second twice, winning ourselves a total of £17-25. We went exploring with our cousin Katy and looked at all the strange outfits and hats. There was a very strange outfit a man was wearing which was completely covered in badges. We also saw the Queen in her carriage with Prince Albert. She was wearing a lilac top and skirt I think. We slowly made our way back to the car and passed about 9 limousines. We then got in the traffic jam to go home!"